Ankle Pain

Ankle Injuries

Ankle sprains are the most common ankle injuries and involve stretching and possibly tearing of ligaments around the ankle. Nearly 85% of ankle sprains occur to the outside aspect of the ankle joint when you roll your ankle.

Many sprains occur when participating in sports, or by twisting the ankle when walking on an uneven surface. Some individuals, due to their bone structure or foot type, are more prone to ankle sprains.

Symptoms vary depending on the severity of the sprain. Often, the ankle is tender, swollen, and discolored. The ankle can be quite painful to touch. Initially walking is usually painful, and the degree of the pain usually depends on the severity of the sprain. A feel of instability may occur, especially in sever ankle sprains when ligaments are torn.


Ankle sprains can be divided into several classifications

  • TYPE I: the least sever and occurs when ligament fibers have been stretched or slightly torn.
  • TYPE II: occurs when some of the fibers of the injured ligaments are torn.
  • TYPE III: the most severe and occurs when an entire ligament is torn and there is excessive movement within the ankle joint.

You should see a Physiotherapist as soon as possible after injury to prevent complications and ensure speedy recovery.


If you have an ankle sprain, you should apply the “PRICE “ formula to help minimize swelling and decrease pain.

  • Protection: try to prevent the injured tissue from further aggravation and injury.
  • Rest: try to keep off the injured ankle for the first few days, and only do gentle, pain free range of motion exercises.
  • Ice: wrap the injured ankle in a cold pack, or ice pack. Never put cold plastic directly on your skin, wrap the pack in a moist towel. Ensure you have a good sensation in the area, so you do not freeze the skin.
  • Compression: gently wrap the ankle with a “Tensor” bandage, making the bandage tighter at your toes and looser as you go up your foot and leg, to feel support, minimize swelling, and assist walking.
  • Elevation: While resting, elevate your injured ankle on a footstool or a chair. This will decrease swelling and stop the fluid from pooling around the injured ankle.

Most ankle sprains heal in 6 to 8 weeks. In severe cases, ligaments may require more healing time.